Monday, October 20, 2008

The past week or so...

A list to sum up my random thoughts from the past week or so.

  • I find it mildly ridiculous that I used to stand around in pointe shoes for 6 or more hours a day, 6 days a week, and I was rarely phased. Yet three days of running around, standing, cooking, etc. made my legs feel like they were on fire...
  • I have no clue how I frequently ran for days at a time on 4 hours of sleep a night in college. Was I nuts? (Don't answer that....)
  • When you are exhausted, it is always better to take a step back to breathe and think before saying or doing anything stupid (and certainly don't make any big decisions. Exhaustion will pass and rational thinking will return).
  • I am really good at making excuses for not running (last week it was, "Well, I moved lots of heavy stuff and cleaned all morning at I don't need to run today....right?) Wow....that will NOT get me any closer to running the Mini.
  • I need people around me that push me and encourage me. I think about training to run this Mini (I still think I've lost touch with reality by the way) and I wonder why it is that, again....when I was dancing, I would push HARD in classes and rehearsals all day and fight through pain and exhaustion. But for some reason...running is a much bigger giant for me to knock down. I think it's because when I was dancing, directors, teachers, other classmates were always pushing me to work harder, do more, be better (but it was also most effective when balanced with positive encouragement). I think that's the kind of environment I thrive in....One where I am pushed but also encourage.
  • I saw an interview with the 3 boys playing Billy in the Broadway premier of "Billy Elliott" the Musical by Elton John based on the movie "Billy Elliott." I am already plotting a trip to New York to see my sister and brother-in-law and go into the city to see it. Yay!
  • I am taking Thursday and Friday OFF!!!! Yay for going couch shopping with my mom!
  • I've become slightly obsessed with Jon McLaughlin since the release of his newest CD OK Now. Good stuff... (his album Indiana is also great...especially the song "Beautiful Disaster."
That's all I got. I'm exhausted. I'm going home.

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Rowenna Miller Hamper said...

Per point # 2, we, your college friends, never understood that one either. I think it had something to do with Ye Olde Starbucks...or GhettoBucks, as the case may have been. I miss was swill but it was MealPoints-ie free :)
Good luck with the running (you crazy nut, you!).