Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Mini

The Mini is Saturday (May 2) to be exact. I'm excited...but a little nervous. Not so much about how I'll do (I really don't care so long as I finish and don't get forced to ride the bus....not kidding). It's more that I'm afraid I might die. Ha! Not really...but sort of.

My mom and I are going down Friday, the race is Saturday, I'm contemplating trying to catch up with a friend afterward, but I'm pretty sure I'll just pass out and fall asleep. So we'll see how it goes.

The good thing about this whole endeavor is that I actually look forward to running I'm thinking I will at least continue doing a couple miles a few times a week. As for training for another distance run....still undecided. But all in all it's been good.

And many many thanks to my friend from Life group who runs with me, pushes me, and encourages me. Don't think I would have gotten this far without her!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Turns Out I Get Seasick

Yep. I discovered that fun little fact the first night of my cruise when I had to ditch my friend Sarah in the middle of dinner for fear of puking all over the table. Fortunately, I never actually got sick. I made it to the first women's restroom which conveniently was out of order....found my way to the second women's restroom, out of order again! Are you kidding me? So I just walked a lap around the ship, felt much better, returned to the dining room and ate dessert (that was all I was able to make myself eat that was soooooo good.)

So clearly I was on a cruise. We left from Charleston, made 3 stops at different islands in the Bahamas, and a final stop in Port Canaveral, FL before returning to Charleston. It was a great trip...very relaxing. I'm pretty sure we took an afternoon nap every single day, never got up before 10, and spent most of our time in lounge chairs in the sun (when it was sunny and not too cold...) All in all it was good.

A few things I discovered about myself on this trip:
I don't like driving through mountains at night.
I apparently do get seasick
I am a huge dork (ok, I've known that for quite some time....but let's just say it was way more evident on this trip)
I'm really not sure how to barter...(I managed to barter when necessary, but probably not very well...)
I want to go back to the Bahamas. Mostly, I want to live there for awhile with people who call the Bahamas home. Experience what real life is like there....not tourist life.
Sarah's a good traveling buddy.

On another addition to cleaning the rooms daily, the housekeeping team also came in every evening (usually sometime during dinner) to "turn down the sheets," leave Andes mints for us and....A TOWEL ANIMAL!!! That's right....we had an elephant, a snake, a monkey....all sorts of different towel animals left for us on a nightly basis. Sweet! Honestly, I'm pretty low maintenance, so it was kinda silly to me that they turned down the sheets and leave a mint every night...but the towel animals? Oh that was awesome.

Pictures will be coming soon.