Friday, January 2, 2009


Meet Nikki and Jon. They are cool. Two of the coolest people I know. (I may be biased considering they are family....but anyway.)

I got to spend over a week up at my parents with Nikki and Jon for Christmas. It was great, but a little crazy at times too. That may or may not be because my dog, Misha (the yellow lab in the picture) was there...along with 3 cats and Jon and Nikki's dog, Marcy (black lab). It was INSANE. sister and I always tend to go a little bonkers when we get together. Usually we just laugh a lot...but this year, back when I went to visit them in November, we had the genius idea to get crafty and creative for Christmas...and my our entire family Coordinating Christmas Pajamas! Sweeeet!

It all started back when we were little, when grandma would make us matching Christmas nightgowns (these suckers were elaborate....I remember peach flannel, white with pink rosebuds, and green silk just to name a few.) So, in honor of Grandma, we thought we should pick up the old tradition.... which led to us making a combined total of 7 pairs of pajamas (we limited this to immediate family to save ourselves a huge headache since we both tend to procrastinate on things like this.)

Let me just go on record as saying these are the sweetest pajamas ever. Super comfy, and very Christmassy...they were a huge hit, loved by all (except for maybe dad and Uncle Tom. But they obliged and wore them Christmas morning.)

And yes...we took pictures and everything.

We are officially "that" family.

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Rowenna Miller Hamper said...

The Christmas pjs sound fantastic! Much better than when, last year, my mother-in-law bought all the kids matching M&Ms pjs--the guys got pants (nice), the girls got size XL sleep shirts (cotton birth control). I have to see pics of you and Nikki's work!