Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Count

My Christmas so far...
  • Being sick (boo)
  • Watching the Food Network all day while sick (yay)
  • Bacon wrapped Filet Mignon for dinner (thanks Jon!)
  • New York City at Christmas time (loved it)
  • Times Square (First visit ever....loved it)
  • Macy's (crazy sales people)
  • Rockefeller Center (First visit ever....loved it. Took token family picture in front of the tree.)
  • Saw Hair (on Broadway....First time actually seeing a show on Broadway in NYC. Loved it!)
  • Lincoln Tunnel into the City
  • George Washington Bridge out of the City
All in all, it's been a good Christmas so far! (Minus being sick....oh well.) Hair was awesome by the way. A little risque (ok, maybe a lot risque, but still really really good.) And at the end, they put railings on the stairs and invite the audience to come dance with them on the stage! Sweet! (No....I didn't go). I definitely recommend seeing the live stage version if you ever get a chance.

Now I'm off to finally do some Christmas baking (the bad part of being sick at Christmas is missing out on all the baking. Boo.)

Merry Christmas!

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